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tv   Pricing The Planet 2015 Ep 1  Al Jazeera  March 10, 2018 4:00am-5:00am +03

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so you know this is really an attack on itself is a lot of misunderstanding a distortion even of what free speech is supposed to be about the context of hugely important they have a right to publish it. to be offensive or provoke people to. this stage for a serious debate. at this time on al-jazeera. and i'm down in jordan in doha with the top stories here on al-jazeera donald trump as a deal between the u.s. and north korea on its nuclear program is very much in the making and a tweet he says if completed the agreement will be quote a very good one for the world his words come as the white house says no preconditions to trump meeting leader kim jong un earlier spoke with china's president xi jinping on the phone both agreed to continue sanctions until north
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korea's take steps to end its nuclear program trump agreed to meet him within two months after an invitation was extended through a south korean envoy five civilians have been killed in attacks by syrian government forces on parts of eastern ghouta on friday an aid convoy crossed into the rebel held on klav delivering desperately needed food despite heavy fighting close to relief workers turkey's president type erdogan says his troops will soon enter the northern syrian town of the free turkish military surrounded or free not to seizing control of the key neighboring town of generis turkey an allied syrian rebels are trying to push kurdish fighters from the area. al-jazeera as alan fischer has been with turkish troops inside syria and southwest of genderless. we drove into syria with a turkish army escort they decided where we would go the destination the village of dead one of the first retaken from kurdish militia by the free syrian army
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supported by the turks in the operation named all of brunch sitting in the shade the children waited for the truck to distribute its boxes the date here has been the scene for a while in a small building a makeshift doctor's office treating a lot of minor injuries anything serious in the transfer to turkey for further treatment. for some who knew nothing but war. it's a new and frightening experience. then it was time to hand out the aid but i'm an animal family's name was called and someone stepped forward some fairly tall enough to carry it home but people are standing here waiting patiently for the aid to be handed out that is they say they waited long enough for the aid to arrive but they don't mind waiting that little bit longer. each box is all in sugar and flour and sanitary products enough to last the family three weeks when required hundreds of men are since the f.s.a.
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came we are receiving aid it is enough for us it's enough six years we lived under the wife p.j. no one the aid material should be a little bit more because of the number of people here and the number of people in those families some of them received aid but one or two boxes are not enough for one family because they're all gathered in one house the turkish red crescent says it's doing what it can with what it has. up to but we came to the area yesterday and assess the needs of the village residents who are prepared food and hygenic material for everyone. every so often the growing shakes with the sound of artillery fire the big guns pointed south in support of the ongoing military operation the children told me they don't like the noise they may have grown up with the war but it's something they will never get used to. alan fischer al jazeera there balut. kenya's president and main opposition leader promised to begin
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a process of reconciliation the pair held talks of the first time since last year's disputed election u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is visiting the capital nairobi and welcome to the national rifle association has filed a lawsuit challenging new gun control laws in the u.s. state of florida saying they're unconstitutional it comes just hours after the governor signed a bill increasing the minimum age for buying firearms to twenty one the move follows weeks of campaigning by survivors of last month's parkland high school shooting in which seventeen people died the law also paves the way for some school staff to be armed saudi arabia has signed a preliminary deal to buy forty eight typhoon fighter jets in the u.k. it was agreed during a three day visit to london by the saudi crown prince mohammed bin sound man he held talks with the u.k. prime minister to resign may on wednesday the trip was aimed at strengthening bilateral ties which are centered around defense and security but those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after price of the planet
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statements are watching live from. he. took over the world is heating up fast and we have ourselves to believe that look at the problem of global is warming where water is getting scarce out into our own land shrinking it's now big claim that we're entering upon a six massive sea earth as we know it today will cease to exist in this new
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information that reveals just how fast the book too. what if economic and financial markets could save the planet. reuse nature because she's valuable but nature because she is free and. if we invest money in protecting nature will urge a very very high financial return. economists bankers investment funds and finance is taking an interest in the environmental crisis they say that they can protect the planet their way with money how much is the beach that you visit every year at
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tree was how much for the forest that you love to walk in so much what is the value of a planet a mammal an insect and does this combination seem at all unnatural to. financial isolation because story of the. head in. endangered species and forests are treated like financial products. can market succeed where politics of so far failed but at what risk. price. sometimes i describe the challenge that we have as the economic invisibility of nature what i mean by that is that most of what nature provides is not transacted
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in markets where there's clean air or fresh water or where there's the pollination of bees or fruit trees wended of being ever send you an invoice billions of workers twittering away without a break in silence and for no pay for millenia no one recognized neither their value nor all the while clay do. it took a tragedy for us to finally recognize their economic value. and the us a large part of our natural wild the population has died off same thing is happening in europe there are hundreds of people who keep large numbers of being used. in hives and want to farm or watch his fields pollinator he actually calls one of these commercial pollination firms. and others are right for
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hiring a million beings for a week to pollinate your crops. what if tomorrow they were to disappear entirely what if we had to replace these bees with humans and therefore pay them. the pollination service of bees is economically invisible but the total value of that was found to be something like two hundred billion dollars that's almost eight percent of the total agricultural output on a. we look at these little creatures differently now that we know that they are worth two hundred billion dollars don't worry we immediately pay more attention to them all that wealth in a beehive. and we humans never realized it. mr johnson yes hi mother nature here i'm here to collect the last month's nature usage
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nature usage ok let me see the sun rose and said oh look at it every day. there was a cool breeze on tuesday. but what if the solution was already here we just need to put a price on everything that nature provides pollination the pleasure of walking in the park. watching the work. that is a good question. how much of what if you were a can put a price and put a very fine yeah you can it's priceless i won three major with people we were in this to learn how to take good and bad shouldn't have to do something with money. i don't as living in a flat we haven't in new york. this is on fifty six street but if i bought the same flat in fiftieth street i checked and the value was more than twice as much why do
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you think the value between fifty six and fifty years street for the same area one thousand square feet is twice as much because the one that is on fiftieth is next to central park so just the ability of people to see greenery is worth one million dollars extra. and i see you're running a little behind on your oxygen bill i would let that continue very long if i were you mr it's. well i'm a little short this week. so will that be cancer charge. against additional discount wife could you use unique. don't you. which of three best unique is. you pretend that you sit or. don't have any oh but. i don't see stented kid from show for all of it to me sakina packing to look into.
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our economic system was created in a very different era it was created hundreds of years ago when what was valuable what was scarce were capital and labor. so that's where we put a value on all the natural resources all the ecosystems all the clean air clean water there was too much of that you know and so we didn't put a value on it. having plenty of clean water and animal species is of no interest to the markets they hate things that are abundant and free. the equation is beginning to change. nature is the eldorado of the twenty first century. a new economic sector with promises of huge returns for investors banks finance corporations and states are attracted into it. and they all know that on
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a dead planet no one will do business anymore. kill a treat. or kill about. the . top of the two. it is expressed. should imo more that they will that machine will disperse almost. of it up it could be. that fundamental economic theory you know supply and demand the more there is supply of something the less the price the less the demand the less the price but the more the demand and the less the supply the higher the price and effectively
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right now the price we're putting on the environment and natural services is the oil. effectively but that's going to have to change as the supply of these natural resources continues to dwindle and the demand in the form of people continues to grow. applying the law of supply and demand to not to resources in species is something new. until now almost no one had ever thought of putting life itself into the economic machine. yet i'm all you know. these yuma left and it left their dicks thanks sean this best says so on the hook. couldn't weigh in. on is down the other any. they are closed to beauty just a deal so if you don't city a source inside your then you. this was the time of one of the greatest geological
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disasters the dinosaur disappeared and along with them seventy percent of all animal species we could now be in the middle of a similar crisis only this time it's not a meteor that caused it it's my. yes it is for models. we going to be honest that is the process of. the last movie will see in the scene. i guess in not just by a lot of us nor from a citizen manner on the two dollars it was system an economical. since the industrial revolution the world's population has increased six fold water consumption risen by a factor of three. the amount of carbon in the atmosphere has doubled in. the global temperature has increased. and half of the world's rainforests have
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disappeared. ecological footprint is escalating. to satisfy our needs we're using the resources of one and a half months if we continue at this rate by twenty thirty we'll need two planets by twenty fifty two and a half. what happens if there are very much less trees if there's not the clean water we need where we need it when we need it if there isn't the clean air where we want it where we need it that becomes scarce or becomes more valuable we're going to start to put a price on it we're going to start to put a price on the destruction of it and we believe there are opportunities in that transition to profit from that transition besides business has already started about a hundred miles east of los angeles there's a flag. probably the most expensive fly in the world.
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here here it comes right here flying right by that is one of them here it is again see that up there a century ago there may have been on the order of around forty square miles of habitat that is essentially the distribution of the sand dune and over the twentieth century ninety five percent of the remaining habitat has been destroyed or converted over to other uses. only a small fraction of that five percent supports
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a good population of this rare insect this high sand flower loving fly. list and they emerge during the heat of the summer and the adult fly only lives for a few days at the most. colton county underwent huge economic development business and industry gradually swallowed the sun genes while the so-called high sound flower nothing fly had the sad owner of becoming the first american flight on the endangered species list. to protect it in one thousand nine hundred three the state froze commercial activity on its habitat colton's growth dropped to zero all because of a park. the citizens here you know what jobs the citizens want retail services they want more businesses to be here and right now we're prevented
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from bringing them into town so the fly found itself hated by the entire population but one man's miss fourteen to fly is a rare species with rare property makes a very good financial investment. we can create as much value for our stockholders as well as create a biological opportunity for conservation by turning it into mitigation so our most recent sales have been two hundred fifty thousand dollars an acre. the bank saw an opportunity a medication bank realized that it could make money off these uses. it bought a part of the flies habitat and then it did nothing leaving the insect to live in peace while selling shares. if a business wants to develop a project on the land where the fly lives will find itself blocked by the state but by buying shares the entrepreneur can offset his impact by investing in the insects
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protection and secure is his right to develop his business the bank has already made twenty million dollars as. the free market has to find out a good balance between adequate conservation share a value allowing development to go forward. a bank making money by protecting a species that sounds like a win win situation right but for the inhabitants the bank is still a fly in the ointment. the fly is winning the war. with the flyest in place we've lost millions and millions and millions of dollars years and years and years of time you know we can't replace what we've lost. there would be cheaper to pay. people to go out and kill the flies and to mitigate joke joke. but true but true the truth.
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in the united states species protection is in the hands of these new. businesses estate agents road builders anyone who's activity in dangerous animals has to pay these banks. they protect more than a million acres of land. they sell wetlands credits cacti credits. credits even. wild lands is the biggest mitigation bank of the american west her annual revenue is exceed forty million dollars a year and medications sales. way but again gardeners like for salmon
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steelhead delta smell what. are burrowing owl for desert tortoise elderberry longhorn beetle tadpole shrimp version of. our customers are aware of the local solutions that we can provide these customers will come and say i'm building a shopping center and i'm affecting burnell pools are in fact doing our borrowing i'll do you have something that can help pay off my requirements. so we take a look at our mentor we provide them a quotation for a solution and then we barter that those credits to them as in a non-tangible transaction we give them a relay for their liability as a certificate of good well. but how do these banks choose to invest in unprotect one species rather than another. happens to those
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endangered species living in areas of the us with us nobody has no economic development and therefore no one to buy credits. choosing between one endangered species and another dangerous b.c. it all depends on market demand. buying landscapes protecting landscapes accumulating their landscapes it's a phenomenal opportunity to be able to use a business model to achieve sustainability of nature where you weren't profitable we would have wanted to reinvest in the future projects. the laws of the market applied to endangered species surprising right. how could we let banks decide which species are worth saving and which ones not. which ones deserve to live and which had to die on the altar of profit.
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or. if you were to go on the species banking dot com you would find probably about seven hundred different banks. and it's roughly it's roughly between two and a half to three and a half four billion dollars a year that are in banking. this market for endangered species is developing. today all these mitigation banks are listed you want to know which one protects the swainson's hawk the tigers or the desert fox with one click the endangered species. and the number of credits issued. by bit is species. look at the verse. that in there my you're from having bit of an interest is the current us one the mallees. correct
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but that they need minerals. is that said yeah the. first this up i said. hi i'm joe i work for a company. big company i can't believe this still doesn't realize it relies on nature which is why i'm organizing a meeting a big meeting to discuss natural capital idea to boost business you've heard a financial craft so what is natural capital natural capital is capital which nature created. so the climate system is natural capital three is the natural capital because they take it out of the atmosphere and produce oxygen. is a form of natural capital. this one's a lever that becomes make you kalyani grass and grain.
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it provides the clean water that we need. that we need. like forests provides us protection from storms or floods and that's what i mean by nature. and so when we. we call it nature does ecosystem services. so nature has become. it has its own capital. with. agricultural economy in south america. estimated to be two hundred forty billion dollars. there is an area that is the oceans as you can see. across the entire globe all the way from micronesia across. india madagascar and to
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the west of the caribbean these red dots these very areas basically provide the food and livelihood for more than half a billion people so that's almost an eighth of society and scientists tell us that any level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere above three fifty parts per million to dangerous for the survival of these reefs. has become the. developing his goal is to convince the world of the importance of these capital assets. the economics. has become his life's purpose. he can put a figure on an ecosystem as easily as he can assess. the risk of turning nature into a commodity. the total loss of value every year was almost to the fortress. u.s. dollars that is two to four million million u.s. dollars that's almost the same size as the loss that was suffered in the financial
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meltdown in two thousand and eight which was about five trillion dollars so that gives you a sense of how big these losses are and yet they are invisible because we are not accounting for the capital when it disappears when the forests disappear when the wetland is closed we're not accounting for the losses because we're not accounting for the income the assets are invisible same problem economic invisibility of nature. there are certainly some people who feel uneasy about putting a price on. the trusts intrinsically valuable only if we get business and governments as equal partners in this debate will we find the solutions and the scale to the solutions that the world me. as poverty and desperation sweep across ruhi just settlements women and girls are being bought sold and given away you know refugee camps when used to best the gates
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yet another dark side of the crisis at this time on al-jazeera one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be what it is you know it's very challenging liberally particularly because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real stories are just mended is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. an act of youthful defiance we've route your turn next on the school will be arrested me at home at four in the morning the electric shock treatment was the worse that triggered a revolution. the arrest of those children sparked it all of which became a battle without and that was the. beginning with the armed struggle in syria. the
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boy who started the syrian war this time on al jazeera. hello i'm down in jordan in doha with a quick reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera donald trump says a deal between the u.s. and north korea on its nuclear program is very much in the making and will be a good one for the world the president's tweet comes as the white house says there will be no preconditions for a meeting with north korean leader kim jong un which is expected to be held within two months but washington insists it will keep up pressure on pyongyang to end its
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nuclear activities five civilians have been killed in attacks by syrian government forces on parts of eastern ghouta on friday and i had convoy crossed into the rebel held on clay deliberately and desperately needed food despite heavy fighting close to it relief workers. kenya's president and main opposition leader have promised to begin the process of reconciliation package held talks for the first time since last year's disputed election year section of state rex tillerson is visiting nairobi and welcome the move the national rifle association has filed a lawsuit challenging new gun control laws in the u.s. state of florida saying the unconstitutional it comes just hours after the governor signed a bill increasing the minimum age for buying firearms to twenty one the move follows weeks of campaigning by survivors of last month's parkland high school shooting in which seventeen people died. i mean are a member and i was in a remember when i became governor i'm going to be an interim member when i'm not
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governor i'm sure there's an array members that agree with the bill some that don't agree with this bill. the you know but the way i think about it i'm going to do what i think are common sense solutions common sense things that the father is a grandfather the governor is is we need to have offers for schools we need to harden our schools we need more mental health counseling we need to make sure people that you know are going to do harm and think that we know we the people talking when we know we know they're out there talking we need to do something about it and and we need to take all these all of us everybody needs to take this seriously when somebody is threatening people around me has been held in stock is capital bratislava calling for a probe into the killing of a reporter and his fiance john two jets last story was on the activities of the italian mafia in slovakia and their ties to the prime minister is in a circle saudi arabia has signed a preliminary deal to buy forty eight typhoon fighter jets in the u.k. it was agreed to in a three day visit in london by the saudi crown prince well those are the headlines
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now let's get you back to price in the pilot station that's a watching live enough. the
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laws of the market applied to endangered species surprising right. how could we let banks decide which species are worth saving and which ones not. which ones deserve to live and which are to die on the altar of profit. and then join the fight to prevent her from. the. business she call quite conscious. cigar this damaged. and let your net pay to put pressure on you snit burned committees. and that you're not bad is very good and you can i stick. he for example his name he says she didn't have nearly it could
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a massive eight of it says ground zero it will be barely two nodded on muslims this join the service to christine and muslims just in the next year when he declared you'll be a veteran classic when at least it will be your get there he did it for this competition. there are certainly some people who feel uneasy about putting a price on. the feel of someone i trust intrinsically invaluable. that bringing the profit motive and so of associated greed to their own natural phenomenon is somehow just the wrong thing to be doing. i think that's shortsighted. there are many people in the world it seems who are very shortsighted. such as the thousands of protesters who demonstrated in rio during the two thousand and twelve earth summit rather than turning nature into a commodity these opponents demanded strong policy is to solve the environmental
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crisis in vain. at twenty years ago the or the summit put such neighborly development on the global agenda yet let me be frank. our airports have not lived up to the major of the challenge we are playing political poker with the future of our planet by not acting with the urgency that the situation calls for more poverty more conflict and more environmental destruction on one side polis is incapable of providing a global solution on the other growing markets preserving some species and habitats some people have chosen their side the so-called economic efficiency. the only society is day five what we now call natural capital. there was there no
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gold for rivers of gold for oceans gold for a song. for all recognizing the importance of different types of natural capital. we don't die of five things today but we recognize their importance by putting dollars in front of them by making them into capital assets and reflects the change in our society a capitalist engine for. for decades and decades we have been trying to save biodiversity and and and forests and those things out of the goodness of our heart out of the fact that we know that's the right thing to do and we have failed we have failed miserably and i will i'll challenge anybody in the environmental movement about that so we need to find other instruments that can get us to much. bigger scales to be able to address those issues. the facade is discreet
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it's home to a business that is growing with each passing year the ecosystem marketplace is a nonprofit company based in washington d.c. which issues environmental economic reports. and the idea was to create a bloomberg of environmental markets where you had literally all the transaction data publicly transparently and credibly available because that then man stimulates markets so we created what we call the matrix which really lays out the twenty four different kinds of market instruments. the matrix is the bible of the markets the ecosystem services markets in biodiversity water carbon green tourism genetic missile says. the ecosystem marketplace invented this matrix to
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show the potential for growth in these new el dorados for instance ten percent each year for biodiversity markets fifty five percent for carbon. that are left to the listener. is about one. particular this you say about that. we can all hear well of mucking earlier. with. your than it. is look at the newseum. and. they're not that crazy they just have a business oriented mind. and they believe that markets can solve the environmental crisis. the idea is gaining ground slowly but surely convincing
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a growing number of people. but this idea didn't just come out of the blue it's being worked on and shaped for invest fifty years and. led this in this with some success on. this even though of all say they're going to estrange or not i get a chance to heed the words on the on of all did your like and did lay out the politics strongly in this best. of f.l. pearl. duggan's astrologist yet there will be the voice it met ha plus a home of mall or for his own aussie often not that this is going to start young i tell a lot of our mental backlash the cloth told about all of that on martha program already and continues to hammer away at his major companies lobbyists found a spokes person in ronald reagan during his campaign the republican candidate
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accused president carter of stifling growth with his environmental laws visitor factory where thousands of people had just been laid off according to him because of the e.p.a. the environmental protection agency reagan's tour of the decaying hartson furnishers was a symbolic effort to remind voters that tough times arrived here while jimmy carter was president it was group down for two reasons i don't think. we should grow strong them for. protection. the repairman dates. could not be afforded there was no way to do it. again i have enemies on roff even met off less encouraging behavior has shown the charge on water. than of a mental protection agency of a song injured singing a. song.
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choice with your horse to. id you point to sean lehrer. environmental regulations a cutback all made more flexible and this opens the door to the creation of market instruments supposed to save nature. when george bush takes office he continues the deregulation policy. one of the first testing grounds is the wetlands vast ancient swamps vital for biodiversity. businesses would really like to use these areas where nature has been left alone. invents no net loss of wetlands no net loss of wetlands with this new law the president puts in place the structure that would underpin the environmental markets. his method for preserving
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wetlands is to be compatible with economic growth businesses will be able to destroy parts of the wetlands as long as they offset the damage they cause. you have. all the law. that. this best avoid clears on plus or to decide to the ginetta us. what we're seeing that exciting is that it's starting to get uptake in other places china brazil mexico peru we're starting to see some real interest in these kinds of an instrument for compensation around biodiversity loss.
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this jungle in borneo is worth some thirty four million dollars. the state conceded it to an investment fund that set up the world's largest mitigation bank. it intends to make a profit by offering its credits to customers such as pension funds and insurance companies. if there's not very much of that forest left and it's not very much left in good condition it's maybe only about eighty thousand as. far as far as hasn't been logged so that's what makes protecting this loyal and forests very important and that's where. the iconic spaces actually live in london forests that's where the first thing strays. you know that's where the. elephants.
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mount by a bank is thirty four thousand forces of in malaysian born year and what's unique about this particular project is that it seeks to take a commercial approach from a charitable pressed to conservation isn't trying to monetize the ecological value in the forest. is the third largest island in the wild it's forest is almost one hundred fifty million years old and a century ago it covered the entire island today two thirds of it have vanished one because of logging and baumol plantations one in just a few years the island has been transformed into an ocean of monoculture the
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ecological catastrophe is complete. at this rate the last remaining will have disappeared by the end of the decade just like the pick me out of front and other species if. you can. merge the battery instead of doing with nothing in the band and. being worth absolutely nothing no value then the power company wing still would have to pay that price in order to be able to destroy it and develop it. the maloof bank sells its jungle credits to pummel produces and any other food processing companies around the world that use the oil in their products will force him those who destroy primary forests to pay for this destruction save the great apes. those is it isn't a lot better to do that it can get you know a platter with
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a comparable is born in this reality or less lucidity should go the beauty but some better means but a condom in a swamp any means but at this. point is just to make any better bears will. precede battle and to the lesser him except them in the local variable could it at the end of the narrow look at a program gone but i suppose so that if you go out you can only look who's defeat sadistic similar to those. bank's economic model is not yet profitable but the heavyweights of the market believe in its future. in twenty thirteen h.s.b.c. was the first bank to publish a report on natural capital. these environmental markets the originally seen as
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nation is looking ever more promising. natural capital issues of fundamental to how we will live in the future. we may see population migration species migration we may see huge changes in the way people live investors are thinking more about natural capital because they realize that it can offer a constraint and an opportunity. that they want to think about how their investments will generate long term value for that stakeholders and that means thinking about how the supply of natural capital may change how disruption might occur in relation to natural capital resources. of the next wave of of rio financial gains could be environmental markets
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for sure with the bank you look at both the risk in the opportunity around these issues and i think all of them are recognizing that natural resources are very important. so the j.p. morgan chase is the merrill lynch is and bank of america all of these major banks they're the institutions that invest in the businesses that are doing the projects that are having an effect on biodiversity positive or negative so they're they're a very important piece of our of our coalition. so that is who is behind the ecosystem marketplace who is interested in these markets in their potential and who sits on their boards and committees.
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when we look at the development of biodiversity markets we find some very well known actors banks in particular. and what's curious and scary at the same time is that oftentimes these are the very same banks that were also very actively involved in the trading. but let to the last large financial crisis. banks of course don't do that because they have at the heart. protection of nature they do that because they see a business in. they want to be the ones who provide farms. bank of america merrill lynch was fined. by the american government. prime mortgage crisis. j.p.
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morgan chase the largest bank in the usa had to pay a. fine for the. citi group saved from bankruptcy by the same government paid hundreds of millions of dollars to. clients. the same bank that made it by speculating on the crisis. change their spots. sometimes the bad guys. better.
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because if we can do that we can get so much more done with the boss of one of the biggest protection agencies in the u.s. his remarks are somewhat surprising on. the nature conservancy has almost one million members and protects millions of acres of land a marine areas around the world but is this. investment banker for more than twenty years. having the sea. coming from the banking. and corporate banking in particular how we'll continue to look for the solutions to the crisis
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where those solutions don't hurt the very sector that has made his career. a banker i understand the difference between prices and values i also understand that nature has huge value which we're simply not learned how to appreciate the province of death is the global reference in this sector the man with the most influence he made his career at deutsche bank. he argues that putting a price on nature doesn't mean turning it into a commodity. he simply hopes to make states more aware of the ecological riches and make companies more responsible. can a banker change his own nature to. economics as well weaponry the direction in which you shoot is an ethical choice i have made that ethical choice to shoot in the right direction using the same weapon. with his economic weapon the ecologist
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banka has targeted the politicians he has already won the battle of ideas with international institutions and their directors. the situation in european union of course could be better. despite a lot of things which we are doing. the facts are that still only seventy percent of our habits and species are in good environmental status and only eleven percent of eco systems are in such kind of status i think it's nothing to hide obviously faith. it's the dark side of development corporations that insure our comfortable lives and causing damages we'd rather ignore. or oil chemical and steel industries areas where the air is choked with carbon dioxide sulfur dioxide benzene hydrocarbons metals europe urbanized it industrialized in these
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areas the people are ill and biodiversity is dying out. when you find those biodiversity you can logically look to the public funds but the grant of the day you know many look at the public funds and there are many needs which you would need to address the public funds so we do suffer most important that you use also private funding and that's why this in of a key financing. mechanism's logic started to emerge. freshly sit down with her and some complained of course he did he. do your most a good question. it could be pretty to be up to her. don't isn't evangelist secret no problem he couldn't. picture security could you got. it is it may come play. possum is the content. to share
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yesterday you complained and important you can immediately sector clearly. in brussels where they look be skeptical of the european union you have between fifteen thousand and fifty thousand locusts and that most of them work for corporations we want to have this partnership with the business sector because without that partnership. we have a practically no new chance to succeed. in two decades multinational corporations have fashioned an effective lobby group. i think we're slowly but certainly moving to a states where it will become equal partners in the discussion sometimes people say to me mark why would you work with companies that have such big environmental
4:57 am
footprints and i say that's exactly why we should work with that there's no need us in this into the system community in the in most prominent daughters they'll invest in a plan it is to move the isidro from them into element he says that this has really done in america the atmosphere as we need. the u.n. business corporations bankers and politicians all in bed together. is there an international plot against nature. and what if this alliance was the only means of saving the planet. we are witnessing around the word this hungry money which is only looking at how to make the next profit devastate economies devastating ecosystems putting
4:58 am
a price on the protection of nature green economy is sound good but it was all privatized sation of nature should our environment be for sale what we're trying to do this destroyed people to watch the crunch are given them a financial incentive to do that pricing the planet at this time on al-jazeera. hello there we're going to take a look at weather conditions across the americas this time we've lost most of the snow as a result of that nor'easter still a little bit higher across the eastern parts of canada but a lot milder weather push in towards new york and washington then washington d.c.
4:59 am
seen highs of ten degrees further towards the south though we've got an area of low pressure given the risk of some heavy rain that's going to moving further south into georgia and on its northern edge we're going to see some significant snowfall developing once again stage we're looking at largely fine conditions for the pacific northwest but further south we could well see some rain effect in san francisco at times with some snow it's higher elevations down into central parts of america it's all looking pretty good here at the moment one of two showers as you'd expect but really most places seeing lots of sunshine and the same goes for the caribbean islands for the most part a few showers around but i think for most of the audience the days ago we dominated by warm sunshine the highs for the round about the thirty mark heading into south america plenty of showers around the eastern part observer at the moment extending toward southern areas with rio still seeing some share eight to fifty asuncion in paraguay should be largely dry and further towards the south around the river plate it should be dry for both pilots erisa and also montevideo fine conditions are likely in santiago there's a move the forecast on twenty four hours just
5:00 am
a chance of wanted to showers in argentina. just. saying. some journalists decided to sacrifice their integrity for outside holding the media opinion by listening biased at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan this is the al-jazeera news outlaw you from coming up in the next sixty minutes the shift in the white house styles from meeting. donald.


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